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Let an expert at Bigital guide your next project to soar to new heights!

The Misson:

Bigital (rhymes with Digital) is a software consulting firm that specializes in finding creative solutions for your needs. From getting a business online for the first time to implementing custom full stack applications for established projects, Bigital will just help you get the job done.

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Prepared with a diverse toolset to get the job done on-time everytime.

Favorite Tools

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Service Packages

Whether you need a website, mobile app, hosting service, or software consulting, Bigital can craft the solutions your business or great idea needs to get going!

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Web Design

Simple landing pages to complex webapps featuring enterprise functionality; it'll be pretty too!

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Enviromentally friendly servers without compromising top notch performance.

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Is your production build slow or completely broken? Contact now to discuss custom consulting options.

Community above all else.

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Helping others is imperative, no matter where.
To give back, Bigital offers 70% off website & consulting services for nonprofits, charities, and other giving organizations. No strings attached.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Need help?

Pro tip: just ask!
From small to large, Bigital is willing to hear out your troubles.

Send a message with relevant details including project, timeline, and budget to begin as soon as today!

Open source all the way.

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Bigital strongly believes in the power of collaboration and wouldn't be possible without massive contribution to open source projects.

To see the code running this page (and many other services), feel free to click here: Github Repos

Project Examples

Explore a small sample of projects Bigital has worked on.

Screenshot of Bigital's website.

Bigital's Portfolio

Wonder where you've seen this before. Running on Nuxt and utilizing loads more.

Screenshot of Sudsy Serenity's website.

Sudsy Serenity

A relaxing and peaceful soap store utilizing Shopify, Photoshop, and CSS.

Screenshot of Todo Simply's App.

Todo Simply

Todo list made with React, Node, and MongoDB. Special thanks to Daniel Ventura.

If you'd like to see more, check out this portfolio page.

Still curious to learn more?

Find out all of Bigital's offerings by visiting this service page or more about the company mission by clicking "our" about page.

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